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Social media

Leiden University is keen to make use of the opportunities offered by social media. The power of social media lies in the personal approach and many departments use social media to stay in touch with their audience, students and staff.

Ten tips for social media

  1. Never publish confidential information
  2. Think twice before sharing information. Information remains findable for a long time via search engines.
  3. Do not share any personal details without the permission of the person concerned.
  4. Be precise; check your facts.
  5. Be responsible in what you choose to publish.
  6. Make it clear which information represents Leiden University’s position and which information concerns your personal vision. Use a disclaimer when sharing information in a personal capacity.
  7. Respect your target group and audience.
  8. Only use the Leiden University logo for official University accounts.
  9. Refresh your passwords on a regular basis.
  10. Consult the Leiden University social media guidelines (Dutch only) for more information on the use of social media.

Inter-Faculty Social Media Team

The Inter-Faculty Social Media Team includes a representative from most organisational units. If you have any questions, please consult your contact person:

Faculteit of eenheid Contactpersoon
Leiden University/SCM Joy Chiquita
Archeology Marten Jesse Pot
ASCL Fenneken Veldkamp
Governance and Global Affairs Benedicte Dobbinga
Honours Academy Floortje Daemen
Humanities Nathalie Borst
ICLON Carla den Hartog
Medicine/LUMC Muriel Klaver
Law Floris van den Driesche
Social and Behavioural Sciences Sabrina Otterloo
Science Bryce Benda
University Library Erik Weber
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