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Career paths

Do you want to take a new step in your career? As an academic or support staff member, you can take advantage of various options for Leiden University career counselling, such as a career path.

You can approach us for various career paths. How long a career path continues and what this path eventually looks like depends on your situation and your questions. You can only start a career path with your supervisor’s approval.

360-degree feedback

Do you know what others perceive as your strong points and weak points? 360-degree feedback helps you in this respect. Colleagues, managers, staff and possibly also clients fill out an anonymous questionnaire about your competencies. We compare the results with your own assessment of your strong points and weak points. In this way you get a clear picture of how you perform. You also receive recommendations about what aspect you can develop further.

Coaching path

Do you need personal guidance and feedback on your current work? Do you want to get more pleasure out of your work? In that case, a coaching track can help you. A coach helps you find your own answers to your work-related issues. Here are just a few examples of coaching issues: As a supervisor, you would like to adapt your leadership style to better suit your team. Or you want to develop greater self-confidence, or learn to work better or more efficiently.

Short development path

Are you curious about your qualities in your work? About the areas in which you can further develop and what your needs are in your work? Select a short development path to gain more insight into these areas. You are given questionnaires about your personality, and we conduct individual interviews with you.

Talent development

A practical path to discover and develop your talents. With Talent Development you discover what you are good at and what gives you energy, and you gain insight into how you can use your talents in your work. You create a personal Talent Profile, based on various assignments and information from colleagues, friends and family.

Workshops in applying for jobs and networking

To increase your opportunities on the job market and polish your job application skills you can take a workshop:

Interested? Send an e-mail message to hrmopleidingen@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

More information

For more information about career paths, please contact one of the career advisers.

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