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Working from home

To set up your digital workspace, use the following tools: Webmail, Office 365 and OneDrive.

How to access your usual programs from home? Some general tips.


Verify your sign-in

You will have to verify your identity with Microsoft Authenticator to able to sign into Office 365, Teams, OneDrive and Skype.
Read the manual on the helpdesk portal >>

You can keep up with your work email by using webmail. Adapt your signature and/or automatic reply as necessary. Include information about how you can be contacted (by telephone etc.).

Shared mailbox

If you have a shared mailbox with colleagues, you can log in to individual and shared mailboxes in webmail. Read the manual on the helpdesk portal.


You can also manage your calendar through webmail.

Use Office 365 to:

  • work with Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • securely save and share files using OneDrive
  • work together online with Microsoft Teams

Access Office 365 from home

Log in with <your own ULCN username>@vuw.leidenuniv.nl and your usual password.

Log in

In the helpdesk portal you'll find all Office 365-instruction manuals.

Online (video)calls

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365. You can use this program for chats, calls and meetings with your colleagues. Via MS Teams you can also access your files in SharePoint Online and OneDrive. For useful tips see the Microsoft Teams page.

Please note: Skype for business is also part of Office 365, but this is being phased out.

If you are working on a Word or other type of document within Office 365, save your files to your University OneDrive. The same also applies to files that are shared through chat in MS Teams.

Log in to OneDrive via Office 365

Log in with <your own ULCN username>@vuw.leidenuniv.nl and your usual password.

Log in

Transferring files from the P: drive to OneDrive

You cannot access your P: drive through Office 365. If there are files on your P: drive that you need to work on from home, you can request data migration from the P: drive to OneDrive from the ISSC Helpdesk.

Sharing or sending files

If you work with SAP or Hippo, you are allowed to use Remote Workspace for your work. If you want to book holiday or submit an expense claim, in short, if you need access to Self Service, log in through Remote Workspace. Use webmail or Office 365 for your other work.

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