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Data management refers to creating, saving, updating, making available, archiving and long-term storage of research data. The final goal of this process is often defined in terms of the FAIR principles: 'Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable'.

This involves thinking carefully, before you start collecting or creating data, to make sure that your data is findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. Not only for others, but also for your own future use.

For more information on data management, see the University Library website.

The Faculty of Humanities relies on the Information and Facility Management (IFZ) department for advice and support regarding data management. The IFZ staff can advise you on the institute’s policy with respect to data management, but also on how to write data management sections in pre-applications and final project proposals. The IFZ department also offers advice on budgeting and the final structure of the IT framework (such as databases and infrastructure) for research projects. We will gladly help you brainstorm on whether the IT tools you choose, or have developed, can really help you answer your research questions. In this we work in close collaboration with the Centre for Digital Humanities and the Centre for Digital Scholarship. If you have a question concerning ICT & Research or Datamanagement, please contact one of the staff members listed in the contact box below.

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