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Payroll tax

If you work, you are eligible for tax reduction in the form of tax deductions. You can apply for or terminate a payroll tax deduction via the PSSC.

Apply for or terminate your payroll tax deduction

Change your choice for payroll tax credit via the Service Portal, under ‘My staff movements’, ‘Change tax-free allowance (loonheffingskorting)’.

Request via Service Portal

Payroll tax and tax credits

Payroll tax is an umbrella name for income tax, social security contribution, employee insurance premiums and the income-related healthcare insurance deducted from your income.

Tax credits (heffingskortingen) are reductions on the payroll tax and social security contribution. If you work, you will in any case be entitled to an payroll tax credit. This consists of a general tax credit and an income-related credit. You may only receive this tax credit from one employer or benefits agency at a time.

For instruction please read this Knowledge Item which you can find in the Helpdesk Portal.

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