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Research on blurred work-life boundaries during COVID-19

Together with physiotherapist and lifestyle therapist Jaap Wonders of SMC Rijnland, Helen Pluut conducted research during the first COVID-19 wave on the experiences of working people. The reason for the research was the compulsory situation of working from home many people found themselves in. One of the most important consequences of this development was the blurring of the work-life boundary. Now so many people are working from home and we are connected to each other online, the boundary between work and home has become even more blurred. This has serious consequences as is shown in the research; in particular concerning our lifestyle behaviour.

People who are confronted with a blurring of their work-life boundary and emotionally exhausted as a result, are sleeping worse, exercising less, eating less healthily and are able to relax less. And this is happening at a time when a healthy lifestyle could help us fight emotional exhaustion. So people are finding it more difficult to live healthily even though this is the time that it would be most beneficial.

The outcomes of the research received attention in local newspaper the Leidsch Dagblad which can be read (in  Dutch) here. The published research is available here.

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