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Olja Karmanova wins Faculty Teaching Prize 2023

The Humanities Faculty Teaching Award has been won by Olja Karmanova. The Russian lecturer was presented with the award during the opening of the faculty year.

Olja Karmanova was nominated by her students, who called her lectures “dynamic and exciting”. Karmanova selects interesting course material that covers politics, as well as art and everyday life. In addition, she is a good mentor, who is always willing to help students even outside of classes.


In her acceptance speech, Karmanova paid attention to the situation in Russia. "Especially in these times, very good specialists are needed who have a lot of knowledge about the country and a good command of the language, so they can read and interpret journalistic sources. Even before the war, we read speeches by human rights activists and opposition leaders. Now that has become even more important. During my lectures, I show my students another side of Russians. We meet people who do believe in a different Russia. A democratic, beautiful Russia. I know that this seems impossible now, even for me, but I hope that one day it will happen and that our students in particular can contribute to the rebuilding of this country.

About the Prize

The Teaching Award is presented annually to an outstanding teacher. All teaching staff of the faculty can be nominated by student associations, the student members of program committees or by a group of at least three students. An amount of 1,000 euros is attached to the prize. The other nominee this year was associate professor Adriana Churampi Ramirez, who was praised for the way she teaches students critical thinking and longer-term development.

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