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Revised PhD regulations and guidelines for PhD tracks

At the beginning of this month, the PhD regulations and the guidelines for PhD tracks have been revised. The main revisions can be found below.

The main changes in the PhD regulations are as follows.

  • The secretary of the Doctorate Committee need no longer be from the same faculty (they do have to be from LEI, art. 22, para. 1);
  • The Doctorate Committee will have at least ‘four or five’ members (instead of ‘three’, art. 22, para. 1);
  • The ‘admissible’ assessment will in future be given by members of the Doctorate Committee unprovisionally. When issuing this ‘admissible’ assessment, they can make suggestions for modifying the dissertation (art. 23, para. 2).

The two main changes in the guidelines for PhD tracks are as follows: 

  1. The guidelines now also apply (in part) to external PhD candidates;
  2. The guidelines (and the PhD regulations) include the addition that Graduate Schools may impose conditions on candidates’ prior education before admitting them to the defence.

A short video is available here explaining the new PhD regulations and the guidelines for PhD tracks.  The revised regulations and guidelines can be found on the website of the Humanities Graduate School.

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