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Temporary 'viewing wall' gives a glimpse of next phase of Gorlaeus Building

You probably already noticed: work on the next phase of the Gorlaeus Building is in full progress. Are you curious to see what it will look like? Then come to the atrium of the Gorlaeus Building. A temporary 'viewing wall' makes it look as if you are looking into the new part of the building.

At the moment it is still an image on wallpaper, but in two years' time we will be able to see the new part of the building with our own eyes. The temporary wall is an optical illusion and gives us a glimpse of what we can expect on each floor, literally and at full size. Phase 1 and 2A will soon form one building. As in phase 1, phase 2A will feature plenty of light, high windows and beautiful sustainable finishing materials, such as wood and felt. 

Video shows transformation from bare wall to optical illusion

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Wall is also a partition between atrium and building site

The wall will be the partition between the atrium and the building site for the entire construction period. That is why the wall will remain until phase 2A is put into use. In addition, the wall has been installed for another important reason. The current outer wall will be removed on each floor. As long as phase 2A is not wind and watertight, the wall therefore forms the boundary between inside and outside.

Scan the QR code for more images!

Would you like to see more of phase 2A? You can! Soon you will see a QR code on the floor of each floor. By scanning the QR code, you will discover more images and information about the new building. And from that spot you will have the best experience of phase 2A.

About the new building
The new Gorlaeus Building of the Faculty of Science will be built in three phases. The first phase is in use since 2016. From 2018 until the end of 2023, phase 2A will be built and from 2024 until 2026 the final phase, 2B, will be constructed. In 2026, the Gorlaeus Building will be completely finished.

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