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Announcing Starter Grants FGGA

22 February 2023

In June last year, Minister Dijkgraaf from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science announced additional investments in higher education and research. The so-called starter and incentive grants.

The aim of these grants is to reduce work pressure and the competition and pressure to obtain and to promote independent research. These grants are a good fit with the University’s ambitions that have been formulated in the Strategic Plan ‘Innovating and Connecting’. 

The additional investments are not enough to be able to award grants to all those teachers and researchers who are eligible. Within Leiden University, the Executive Board has decided to allocate funds to the faculties, including LUMC, based on students numbers. 

Starter Grants Application Rounds 2022 and 2023

For FGGA, we will be able to allocate a significant number of FTE within the Faculty in the upcoming eight years. The number of FTE will vary per Institute, including LUC. For the upcoming round (2022 and 2023) the following grants are available for candidates: LUC 3 grant, ISGA 5 grants, and Public Administration 7 grants. 

The Faculty will organise an annual application round. The call for sending in proposals is expected to be published at the beginning of March. Applications can be sent in by Assistant Professors who have received or are expected to a permanent appointment (in and after 2022) and who have a minimum appointment of 0.7 FTE, of which at least 0.2 FTE relates to teaching. It concerns research projects with an proposed duration of five years. The funding can be used for direct costs (e.g. salary costs of a PhD student, data manager, use of laboratories, purchase of instruments, etc.) and indirect research costs.

The applications will be evaluated by the Faculty Selection Committee Starter Grants, which includes six members from the Institutes. 

For questions, please contact FGGA Research Support via email.

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