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22 May: No network access in Bio Science Park buildings after 18:00 hrs

4 May 2023

On 22 May 2023, there will be planned maintenance to the university network in the Bio Science Park. In the buildings Snellius, Sylvius, University Sports Centre, Gemaal, St. VALK, Willem Einthoven and LMUY-ketelhuis the university network will be unavailable from 18:00 uur on Monday 22 May. This will last until 01:00 on 23 May.

What will this mean for you?

On the evening of Monday 22 May, you will not have access to the university network in the following buildings during the maintenance work:

  • Snellius
  • Sylvius
  • University Sports Centre
  • Gemaal
  • St. VALK
  • Willem Einthoven
  • LMUY-ketelhuis

Wifi, landline telephones, printers and other services that use the network will not be available. All systems for which you need to log in with your ULCN credentials will not be available. In these buildings you will not have access to services such as Brightspace or Remote Workplace.

Tip: Plan your work so that you will not need access to the university network in these buildings on the evening of 22 May.

Will the buildings be open?

In principle, the buildings should be accessible, but it is possible that some systems connected to the network may not be available. This will differ per building. Make your enquiries at the reception desk or ask the building manager.

Will you be able to use eduroam?

During the maintenance, eduroam will not be available in these buildings.

Will you have access to your email?

Access to your email and other Office 365 apps is only possible if you have access to the internet. During the maintenance, Wifi will not be available.

Will you be able to use Brightspace?

No, in these buildings it will not be possible to use Brightspace during the maintenance.

Telehone system

Using the landline phones will not be possible in these buildings during the maintenance.


If you have any questions, please contact the ISSC helpdesk either via the Helpdesk Portal, or via helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl, or phone number 071 527 8888.

The helpdesk is available on work days from 08:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs.  


Future-proof, higher speed, better security

This maintenance is part of an ongoing trajectory of renewal and expansion of the university network. The improvements will make the university network future-proof with improved bandwidth, higher network speed and better security.

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