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New: Exam Support Team will be present during upcoming exam period

27 September 2023

The Department of Education: Cleveringa Institute is working on the development of an Exam Support team. This team will ensure well-organised logistics for exams/tests for both lecturers and students.

Exam support pilot
To prepare the team for this new role, a pilot project will be conducted during the upcoming exam period (October through December 2023), consisting of two parts.

  1. Presence of Exam Support at examination locations (except for Sterrewacht) for all exams during this period. This is to gain experience by observing and being present during the first two weeks.
  2. In the second part, the Exam Support team will actively participate in the preparation and handling of exam assessments for two selected subjects. Additionally, they will acquire knowledge through interaction with Management Support and Advisory staff (MOAs) and lecturers involved in the logistical process related to exams.

The team's progress will depend on evaluations and discussions with various stakeholders and decision-makers. We will keep everyone informed of the developments.

For more information about Exam Support and its team members, please see Exam Support.

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