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17 November 2023 - 5 January 2024: Atrium of the Gorlaeus Building will be painted

9 November 2023

From Friday 17 November 2023 to Friday 5 January 2024, the atrium of the Gorlaeus Building will be painted. As a result, certain parts of the atrium will be less accessible during this period.

In the schedule below, you will find the planning and you can read which areas of the atrium will be accessible/not accessible. During the works, signs will be placed at various locations indicating the best route.

Date Location Accessibility
Phase 1 – Friday 17 November untill Friday 8 December 2023

1st floor atrium: from the Bèta Café to the main stairs to the ground floor

  • This part of the atrium will be completely closed.
  • The main stairs will be closed, as well as the stairs from the 1st to the 2nd floor near the Bèta Café.
  • The Bèta Café will be accessible and open, seating will be limited.

Part of the atrium is accessible to get to your destination on the 1st floor. This will be indicated with red/white ribbon and signs.

Phase 2 - Friday 8 December untill Friday 15 December 2023

Bèta Café (seating area with round tables)

The Bèta Café is accessible and open. The number of seats is limited.

Phase 3 - Friday 15 December 2023 untill Friday 5 January 2024 Atrium – ground floor
  • The ground floor of the atrium is closed. Seats and lecture halls will not be available.
  • The area in front of the main stairs (EE0 - location FMD/ELD) remains accessible and will only be closed between 27 and 29 December 2023.
  • DE0 will only be accessible via EE0 or DE1.

Good to know: there will also be painting work on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, but these will cause less inconvenience.


For questions, contact the service desk at: servicedesk@science.leidenuniv.nl.

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