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Alumni meet students in Psychology Methodology & Statistics

On February 15th 2018 former students in Methodology & Statistics (M&S) of Leiden University share their current and previous professional activities to provide M&S students an insight into their career perspectives.

Alumni event

The Unit of Methodology and Statistics of Leiden University (M&S, formerly M&T) organises a second M&S alumni event. By organizing this meeting, the section hopes to further intensify its ties with and between our alumni and to bring current and former students in contact with each other, in order to provide current students an insight into the career perspectives of M&S alumni. 

In a short session that will take place during the break of the meeting, all present alumni will be introduced to the current students and the students will be given the opportunity to ask questions. More questions can be asked afterwards during the informal drink in the cafe on the ground floor of the Pieter de la Court Building.

Three alumni share their current and previous professional activities.

Mandy Oud works as a Data Science consultant at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through DIKW Intelligence. She is familiar with a wide range of techniques and prediction methods for obtaining important insights in the fields of marketing and big data. She likes to brainstorm about the many possibilities that tools can offer for obtaining important information from both structured and non-structured data.

Mandy Oud (LinkedIn)

Dimmy van Zanten is one of the directors of Cubiks, an HR consultancy company of approximately 200 people, most of whom are psychologists. Cubics specializes in assisting people in both organizations where people work and people themselves to provide insight into their potential. Cubics mainly focuses on multinationals and works on behalf of companies. Assessments are carried out by means of in-house psychometric tests and questionnaires and by live assessment and development centers. The data are used to provide insight and advise on a strategic level.

Dimmy van Zanten (LinkedIn)

Bernadette Klaassens is currently finalizing her PhD dissertation and works as a neuropsychologist at the Brain Research Center. She enjoys organizing and coordinating large-scale projects, guidance and testing of patients with Alzheimer's disease and healthy volunteers, cooperating with different disciplines as well as working with elaborate statistical techniques.

Bernadette Klaassens (LinkedIn)

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