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New website brings together information on research support

The Research Support Portal makes it easy for researchers and support staff to find information on research support at Leiden University.

The Research Support Portal is a new English website that brings together information from the university websites. It serves as a guide for preparing, conducting and completing research projects. Support staff members who receive questions that are beyond their own field of expertise can find answers here.

The portal puts researchers at the centre. Whether you’re at the beginning or the very end of your research doesn’t matter: you’ll find valuable information for all stages of your research. This could mean tips on finding funding, ethical considerations in your research, data management and knowledge transfer. With the portal you can access support information from one single place, regardless where the expertise is located at the university. You can filter the information on faculty, support domain or stage of the research process, for instance.

Handy at all stages

‘It’s great to have all the research related information in one place on the portal,’ says Antoinette van Laarhoven, an assistance professor of Health and Medical Psychology. ‘I’m currently writing a grant proposal and you can easily find helpful information on the portal. But it’s handy in other stages of research too, for instance if you want to share your research findings. So I’d urge my fellow researchers to take a look. You’ll definitely find it useful.’

Improve together

Over the past few months a great deal of information has been gathered for the portal, thanks to the efforts of a large number of colleagues from the faculties, institutes and expertise centres. This has made it possible to launch the first version of the portal. For the remainder of 2021 the layout and technology will be further developed and more content added. Together we can continue to build a user-friendly portal. Any suggestions, additional remarks or corrections are welcome at researchsupportportal@leidenuniv.nl.

Screenshot of the research support portal.

For more information about the research support portal and the overarching Leiden Research Support programme, see the project website.

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