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Call for HHS-ISGA Seed Grant Proposals

Seed grants for cross-institutional projects at the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance (CoE GG) and the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA)

To support a cross-institutional collaboration between the CoE GG (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) and ISGA (Leiden University) in the realm of global governance broadly defined, the CoE GG will award up to 4 seed grants for cross-institutional projects to be completed in 2021.

The main condition of the scheme are as follows.

  • We offer start-up and seed grants of up to 5.000 EUR each. Eligible costs will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Please send a preliminary budget as part of the proposal.
  • The grant proposals will be submitted jointly by at least two researchers, one affiliated with the CoE GG and one affiliated with ISGA. The seed grants must be spent by 31 December 2021.
  • The proposed projects will serve as “seeds” for a more structural collaboration between the CoE GG and ISGA. The aim is to bridge applied and fundamental research. Each proposal should include a plan regarding how the proposed project leads to stronger long-term collaboration between ISGA and CoE GG, beyond the duration of the seed grant.
  • Theme. Since the aim of this grant is to boost cross-institutional collaboration between the CoE GG and ISGA, the topic of the proposed project should address global challenges broadly. Please consult the research programme of the CoE GG and the research programmes of ISGA’s research groups and the Global Transformation and Governance Challenges project for thematic linkages. Ideally, researchers will propose new ideas, but proposals that build upon existing projects of individual researchers and that advances cross-institutional cooperation will also be considered. The list of individual projects at the CoE GG can be found here.
  • Outputs. We encourage broad research outputs such as: workshop/conference, publications, joint grant applications (or proposals thereof), etc. Educational or teaching assignments are also welcome, although research is the priority. The proposals should lead to long-term impacts (i.e. joint applications for multi-annual grants, establishment of research networks, etc.)
  • Timeline. Applications, including a short reflection on how the proposal meets the above-mentioned requirements, should be sent to Maaike de Loor, Programme Coordinator at the CoE GG (M.deLoor@hhs.nl) by 30 August 2021. The selection will be completed shortly thereafter by Committee co-chaired by Barbara Warwas (HHS) and Joachim Koops (ISGA).
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