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Leiden students are finalists of ‘Most innovative student of the Netherlands’

Identifying pathogens with a mobile testing kit, even in remote areas. Rapidemic, a student team of Leiden, are trying to make it possible. Now, they moved on to the finals of the Most innovative student of the Netherlands.

The time they have been waiting for is almost there. On 30 September the winner will be announced of the competition for these inventive students. Together with nine other finalists, the team of Leiden will strive to win first place in the competition of platform Innovate, a cooperation of Quest and Quote. 


Violette Defourt, one of the students of Rapidemic, says they are delighted to be partaking in the competition. ‘These events are always a great place to meet and get inspired by other student entrepreneurs of The Netherlands. For example, last week we took part in the bootcamp-week of the competition and received a few workshops from the organization and their partners.’
On the 30th, the finalists will gather in a church in Arnhem, where the finals will be held. A proposal is handed in by then, and in an ultimate three-minute pitch they will try to convince the judge that they should win the grand prize.

Silicon Valley

‘The winner of the competition takes home €5000. Which as a young, bootstrapped start-up, is always incredibly welcome’, Defourt discloses. ‘Nonetheless, what Rapidemic is even more interested in, is the one-week trip to Silicon Valley. We would take that trip as an opportunity to meet investors and to get inspired by the birthplace of many incredible and world-changing ideas.’

Defourt is not yet certain if they will win as the competition is fierce. ‘But we will surely do everything we can to get there and hopefully bring the grand prize back to Leiden!’

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