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Newsletter Student Support FSW June 2022

This Student Support FSW newsletter tells you all about the services provided by the FSW POPcorner, Career Service, and Community Engagement Service. You can read about upcoming activities and vacancies, and pick up tips on study skills, personal and professional development, student well-being, study and career orientation, and job application skills. As a student of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, you are very welcome to make use of the services of Student Support FSW!

Let's connect!

Do you want to connect with your fellow students? Then come to the POP-up Living Room on the ground floor of the Pieter de la Court building!

The Living Room is a meeting point for students where there is room for conversations and meeting new people, and where you can take part in fun activities. Settle down with your fellow students and start a real talk using the question cards on the tables.

If you want to join in with brainstorming about re-connecting activities, or if you have ideas you want to present, please contact Rosalinde Spitters, Student Well-being contact.

I Care pillar

Have you spotted the I Care pillar yet? This bright green pillar is almost impossible to miss. The I Care pillar is part of the FSW I Care campaign and offers the opportunity to connect with each other by matching offer and demand.

Are you looking for a buddy – to study together or do an activity together? Do you need help with studying, or can you offer help to others? Or do you want to leave an inspiring quote for your fellow students? Write your wish or offer on a card and pin it on the pillar. Let's connect!

CareerCollege Working as a Consultant: 30 June 2022

Are you considering a career in consultancy but not sure what it really entails? Then this Career College could help you gain insight into the career opportunities related to consultancy. A diverse panel will share their career paths and experiences in the field, and you can join the discussion and ask your questions about the opportunities and challenges, frustrations and success factors of working in consultancy. Read more

Activities June 2022




Workshop How to find a job that fits me 


Workshop Job Interview 
09/06 Workshop Assessments


Free CV / LinkedIn profiel check, POP-up Living Room 

20/06 Workshop What really motivates me?
27/06 Working in the Netherlands


CareerCollege Working as a Consultant


Keep an eye on the course calendar! There may also be changes in the schedule.

To the course calendar!

Individual support by Student Support FSW

With all questions about the programme you are following and with personal problems that affect your study progress you can turn to the study advisor. With questions about studying/study skills and personal development in general you can, besides the study advisor, also turn to Student Support FSW.

Individual support POPcorner FSW
The POPcorner FSW wants to help you find your way through the Faculty and your study programme. Do you need support? Our POPcorner coaches can help you with questions about for example finding your way, coping with studying and student life, language help, taking exams, a complex starting situation, self confidence, starting your own project, and other challenges you may encounter while studying. Read more

(Study) career advice Career Service FSW
Interested in the career opportunities after your graduation? Having doubts about your choice of bachelor’s or master's degree? No idea how to start looking for a suitable job? Make an appointment for personal advice at the Career Service FSW!

Career Service FSW also offers a free CV & LinkedIn profile check service! You can make use of this service, provided by our student assistants Read more

Combining a social life, study, work, and sports can sometimes seem like an impossible task. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of how you’re doing and to take good care of yourself.

Do you want to work independently on strengthening your mental well-being? Then the Caring Universities online training programmes may interest you. These programmes can be taken individually and are free of charge for students of Leiden University.

You can choose from a variety of programmes on subjects like expanding your toolbox of life skills, the cycle of procrastination and how to break it, dealing with stress, emotions, improving your mood, and many more. During the programme you will receive support from an online coach (for free). Read more

Student Experience

In this month’s student experience: Emma’s story. Emma is an alumnus of Cultural Anthropology and Social Development and completed the master’s in Environment and Resource Management. Emma talks about working in the field of sustainability. Read Emma’s story – and other stories – on our Instagram channel@study_careersupportfsw. 

student experience

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