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Paterbrug closed for the next 18 months

The bridge between the Lipsius building and Cluster Zuid (Paterbrug) will be closed the next 18 months. Cyclists and walkers can use the bridge on the other side of the Lipsius building (Reuvensbrug).

The coming period, the buildings of Cluster Zuid, i.e. the P.N. van Eyckhof and Van Wijkplaats, will be built as part of the new Humanities Campus. Meanwhile, the building site is being constructed in preparation for the renovation of Cluster Zuid. As a consequence, the Paterbrug between the Lipsius building and Cluster Zuid has been closed off.

Bus stop

Therefore, the bus stop at the Paterbrug has been moved. The bus stop is now located at the Reuvensbrug (75 metres further, opposite Matthias de Vrieshof).

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