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New podcast about astronomy for the greater good

How does astronomy benefit you? The new single-episode podcast Cosmic Perspectives explores the impact of Dutch astronomy on society: from building positive international relationships to the transfer of life-changing technology.

Join science communicator Callum Griffiths, as he delves into some of the biggest astronomical endeavours in recent decades to uncover new perspectives. Together with involved astronomers he will introduce you to topics like astronomy for diplomacy, astronomy for development and technology transfer.

Astronomy is more than fundamental research

‘This podcast illustrates that astronomy is not just an exciting and inspirational area of fundamental research,’ states Leiden Professor George Miley. ‘It can also contribute uniquely to international development, global education and bridge-building diplomacy. Often, with the Dutch astronomical community playing a leading role in such activities.’

Four astronomers talk about their experiences

In the podcast, four influential astronomers talk about their experiences. Miley recounts stories of astronomy building bridges between conflicting nations. Professor Heino Falcke (Radboud University) details uniting the world to capture the first image of a Black Hole. Professor Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden University) discusses the diplomacy and technology behind the James Webb Space Telescope. And astronomer David Prinsloo (ASTRON) discusses how the Universe really is the best testing ground for innovation.

Listen to the podcast

Cosmic Perspectives: Dutch Astronomy in Wider Society is now available on all main podcast platforms. They can be accessed through Anchor.fm.

Listen via Anchor.fm
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