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Debate ‘Tax in the Boardroom’ between students, the business sector, and government

On Monday 10 October a debate was held at the KOG, ‘Tax in the Boardroom’. During this inspiring event, students and tax experts from the business sector and public bodies considered the tax issues that are dominating the public debate. The tax experts were Joost Kutsch Lojenga (Shell), Sebastiaan de Buck (Unilever), and Hans Rijsbergen (Tax Office).

With this tax debate, Leiden Law School seeks to connect the different views that exist within society regarding the taxation of individuals and businesses. Several tax topics were discussed, including the business climate, cooperation between tax authorities and businesses, tax transparency, fair and sustainable taxation, and the future of the tax system.

The tax debate took place in the Lorentz Hall at Leiden Law School and was organised by Martijn Nouwen, Associate Professor of Tax Law. The debate is part of the new interdisciplinary minor Tax and Society. The central question in this minor is what is the desirable design of tax systems in a globalising and digital world. The minor started this year and is being followed by a diverse group of students with different backgrounds from different countries.

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