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Launching new CPL course Academie voor de Rechtsstaat: focus on developing ‘a constitutional antenna’

Leiden University's Centre for Professional Learning (CPL) and the Montesquieu Institute are jointly launching the ‘Academie voor de Rechtsstaat’ (Academy for the Rule of Law). With this initiative, they intend to offer a course providing in-depth knowledge and insight into the basic principles of the democratic rule of law to professionals who are working in or closely with public administration. The course will start at the end of September. 

'We’ve noticed that there’s a great need among civil servants, administrators, politicians, journalists, legal advisers, and other professionals to talk about that the rule of law,' says Erwin Muller, Dean of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and Director of Leiden University's Campus The Hague.  

Particularly when it comes to reflecting on cases from the recent past that had to be dealt with under pressure and time constraints, such as the pandemic. Or cases where a lot of things went wrong, such as the allowance affair and debate on gas extraction. Which aspects of the rule of law should have been monitored more closely? What can we learn from this? By reflecting on this together with scholars and administrators working on those cases, the participants develop a 'constitutional antenna' and the Rule of Law gains much needed insights.

You can read the full article on our Dutch website. 

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