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Bachelor thesis prizes Political Science 2023: the nominees

The bachelor thesis is the pièce de résistance of a bachelor’s in Political Science. It demands academic craftsmanship and creativity, as well as blood, sweat and, sometimes, tears. Fortunately, the latter dry up rather quickly. What remains is a passed ‘aptitude test’ and that glorious feeling of (finally) graduating. Some theses fill even the most demanding instructor with pride. These are nominated for a place in the Eternal Hall of Fame. Who are competing for the yearly thesis prizes? On 6 October 2023 the winners will be announced.

BSc Political Science: International Relations and Organisations—the shortlist

On behalf of the Institute of Political Science, Babak RezaeeDaryakenari and Billy Tsagkroni face the difficult task of picking a winner from a very strong field of contenders from the BSc Political Science: International Relations and Organisations. The outcome of the jury’s studies and deliberation will be announced on Friday afternoon 6 October 2023, during the IRO graduation ceremony in the Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden.

  • Carla Brossette, Transnational grassroots movements and regional hegemony: The Milk Tea Alliance’s constraints on the hegemonic rise of China (supervisor: Sense Hofstede)
  • Paula Hiemer, Building empire through law and for profit: Treaties, doctrine and private interests in the German colonisation of Africa (supervisor: Claire Vergerio)
  • Alice Jouanjan, Home is where the harm is: Investigating the effectiveness of criminal domestic violence legislation in developing countries (supervisor: Jonathan Phillips)
  • Lina Margriet Joustra, Western theories, global application? Analysing the economic and cultural drivers of immigration attitudes in developing countries (supervisor: Joshua Robinson)
  • Dominik Koc, Neutrality or NATO? Understanding Austria’s and Sweden’s diverging paths of neutrality (supervisor: Adina Akbik)
  • Corentine Le Goff, Why granny’s estate is not yours: Justifying an inheritance tax from a libertarian perspective (supervisors: Josette Daemen en Marco Verschoor)
  • Samuel Maurer, Beyond peacekeeping theories: A comparative case study of UNMIL and MONUSCO (supervisor: Leila Demarest)
  • Macklin Miezejeski, The promises and perils of the Information Age: Digitalization’s transformations of governance (supervisor: Rutger Hagen)
  • Josephine Preißler, Policies in self-defense: A danger to refugee’s human rights? (supervisor: Müge Kinacioglu)
  • Annaya Taradyla Rangkuty, “Freedom for all living things, human and nonhuman”: Amplifying extant cultural values, beliefs, and myths as a framing strategy for eco-terrorist movements (supervisor: Corinna Jentzsch)
  • Adam Vittek, Dismantling private pensions: Effects of varying cost-benefit analyses on the choice of dismantling strategies by governments in Slovakia and the Czech Republic (supervisor: Ellen van Reuler)

Prof. Dr. J.Th.J. van den Berg Prize 2023 (best thesis Politicologie/Internationale Politiek): the shortlist

The jury for the programme BSc Politicologie and the specialisation Internationale Politiek, consisting of SPIL-delegate Robin Buijs (student-member and chair), Joop van den Berg, Maria Spirova and Frank de Zwart, is currently deep reading the nominated theses. The winner will be announced during the graduation ceremony on Friday morning 6 October 2023 in the Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden.

  • Joppe Brouwer, What to do when Iran takes your loved one hostage? A comparative case study for hostage family communication strategy in hostage diplomacy cases (supervisor: Carina van de Wetering)
  • Chanel de Loos, Radical right populist parties and Ukrainian refugees: Unitary discourses or a fragmentation of positions? (supervisor: Katharina Natter)
  • Femke Verhelst, The effectiveness of EU sanctions: investigating the key drivers and conditions to reach the desired policy goals (supervisor: Karolina Pomorska)
  • Tristan Julien Vlok, Raadsakkoorden als alternatief voor coalitieakkoorden. Onderzoek naar partijstelsel gebonden factoren die Nederlandse gemeenteraden ertoe doen bewegen om met een raadsakkoord te werken (supervisor: Marijn Nagtzaam)
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