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Exhibition on scripts at Oude UB: Pseudo or Don’t

What is writing? And what looks like writing, but isn’t? The Pseudo or Don’t pop-up exhibition explores the boundaries of scripts. The exhibition will run at Oude UB from 9 to 26 October.

Writing has travelled and thus anchored itself in a world where hardly anyone could read or write. Times have changed. Today we see foreign writing all around us: on the toys children play with, on the labels of our clothes, on signs in the streets, on the halal stickers at eateries, on Braille in lifts and so on.

Exploring boundaries

Writing is all around us and much of it is foreign to us.  The writing that we do and do not understand informs our ideas and intuition about writing. Pseudo or Don’t is about these anchors of our knowledge about writing and explores the boundaries of what we do and do not understand to be writing.

The exhibition was designed by Taalmuseum for the Anchoring Innovation project and was previously shown in the Academy Building.

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