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Looking back on Psychology's Education Kick Off 2024

On 25 January, the annual Education Kick-off took place. The day was focused on activating education, the possibilities of GenAI for teachers and a 'serious game' around the new timetable with blocks of 7 teaching weeks.

The annual kick-off is the time to discuss the general frameworks for Psychology education and marks the start of the process of updating courses for the new academic year. What were the topics of the day?

Active Learning

In a session led by two Psychology colleagues, Kiki Zanolie and Bryant Jongkees, participants explored the best practices for stimulating active learning in students

Zanolie showed how her course makes use of knowledge clips, quizzes and a clear structure in Brightpace in order to guide students in their self-study activities.

Jongkees explained how his course makes use of the Team Based Learning (TBL) method to stimulate more elaborate in-class interaction.

GenAI for teachers

Together with Mieneke van der Salm (SOLO), the possibilities that GenAI (ChatGPT) offers to teachers to both reduce workload and to improve the quality of teaching, were explored.

The new yearly schedule (serious game)

In this hands-on “serious game” session, led by colleagues from LLInC (Anthea Aerts and Marijne Sherjon), participants explored how teachers can rethink our course designs within the framework of the new yearly schedule.

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