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Call for Papers: Indonesia 2014-2024

Editors: Irene Hadiprayitno, Elena Burgos Martinez, and Rizal Shidiq (Leiden Institute for Area Studies, Leiden University, the Netherlands)

The volume

The edited volume aims to assess various policies and the implementation of such policies during Joko Widodo's presidency (2014-2024). The seventh president of Indonesia started his term thanks to the support of the 53.7% of Indonesia. His raising into power was described as a ‘decisive break with Indonesia's authoritarian past’, and as setting him up to be the first president who did not boast a military or elite background to win the office. Joko Widodo, who prefers to be known as Jokowi, declared that he would focus on domestic affairs, particularly improving the country's infrastructure and economic competitiveness, pursuing ambitious economic development goals, and reasserting the authority of the state, as part of a broader reform programme. Despite the potential of his appointment, many feel that his term has failed the plurality of Indonesia.

The following questions illustrate our puzzles: What has his approaches to forefront economic developmentalism brought the country? How have his moves and strategies changed and shaped the daily life of Indonesians? What kind of concessions and risks was he willing to take in exchange for maintaining his authority? And more importantly what are the implications of his policies and the implementations of those for Indonesian democracy in the post-Suharto era? With these questions, we will discuss the underpinning, consideration and implementation of Joko Widodo's policies.


Possible themes (although not limited to):

  • Poverty and inequality
  • Market reforms
  • Social protection
  • Political participation
  • Money politics and party financing
  • Foreign policy
  • The rule of law, Corruption and nepotism
  • Indigenous rights
  • Gender
  • Socio-economic rights
  • Religious freedom and tolerance
  • Pollution
  • Deforestation and land tenure
  • Identity politics and social media
  • Urbanisation and infrastructure

These are broad themes and authors are free to connect them with other fields relevant to their interest and expertise. Authors are invited to submit an abstract (maximum of 350 words) and a short biographical note (maximum of 150 words) with their contact details in PDF format and attached to the email. Proposals should be sent on or before 22 March 2024, 17.00 CET to indonesia2024@hum.leidenuniv.nl. Proposals will be selected based on the book and its coherency as we put them together. Our goal is to present comprehensive assessment to Joko Widodo’s term, in which we will scrutinize the (new) norms and practices he is leaving behind.

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