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Research in the media

How can you ensure that your research hits the headlines? How can you bring your research output, such as PhD research or a publication, to the attention of the public?

Spotlight on a publication

If you have published a book or an article in an academic journal, inform the scientific communication adviser or your faculty’s communication department as soon as possible (after your work has been accepted) to discuss how to bring your publication to the attention of the public.

University news reaches the media through different channels: news articles on the University website, social media, the weekly newsletter and press releases. The scientific communication adviser will issue press releases as and when required.

Inaugural lecture

The news team issues a press release before all inaugural lectures, making sure they contact the professor well in advance. This press release notifies journalists and the public of the inaugural lecture and tells the world about new expertise that the University now has in house.

PhD defence

Make sure you submit a short public summary of your dissertation (via an online form) at least four weeks before the date of the PhD ceremony. We will then include the summary in the announcement about your PhD ceremony on the university website. We will also decide whether we want to publicise the results of your PhD research among a wider audience, for example by posting a press release on the website and/or by alerting journalists. This depends on the newsworthiness of the research. Of course, we always do this in consultation with you.

Fill in the form

NWO or EU grant

If you have been awarded an NWO or EU grant, inform the scientific communication adviser or your faculty’s communication department as soon as possible to discuss how to bring this to the attention of the public.

Can journalists find you?

Make sure that your profile page is complete so that journalists who are looking for an expert to comment on current affairs can find you. This means using the right keywords in Dutch and English, to ensure you are found through the website and Google. You can also link related pages, such as news articles, agenda items, research projects, programme pages and dossiers. Contact your faculty’s communication department to edit your profile page.

Research dossiers

We use research dossiers to draw attention to areas of research in which the University has a longstanding tradition and which tie in with current affairs. The deans of the faculties decide on the subjects of these dossiers.

At the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs we think it is important to share the research that is done at the faculty with a large audience. Besides, we wish to support researchers in the best possible way, by publishing research results, articles, news and publications. 

Various channels of FGGA
There are several ways to publish research results. You can always contact us and we will discuss the possibilities together.


As soon as we are informed about a media appearance or an article, we make an ‘in the media’ article for our faculty website. Publications, books or articles are placed under research-output. These are also published in the news section of the website.                 


Every other week we send a newsletter to all colleagues. This is the internal newsletter. Besides we supply news for the monthly alumni newsletter and the weekly (staff) newsletter that is distributed by Leiden.

Social media

The faculty is active on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.
Tag us so that we can share your post.

Press releases

Research results may be interesting for the media. In that case, we write a press release and we send it out for national, local or professional media. Writing the release is always in consultation with the researcher. 

In the media

Have you been in the media? We would like to be informed so that we can pay attention to it.

Each week we send a media-update with an overview of “in the media releases”. Do you want to be included in this overview? Let us know at communicatie@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

Besides, we make ‘in the media’ releases for the website.

Have you been called by a journalist and do you need help? We can help you to formulate an answer or to look for the right person or department that could speak to the journalist. For those researchers who would like to have media training there are several possibilities, internal as well as external.

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