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Standard software is provided through the Software Centre.

You can find Software Center by clicking on the Windows start button on the bottom left corner and typing "Software Center". If not available via Software Center, you can send a request for the software through the ISSC-helpdesk or consult your ICT-contact person.



  • Use SurfFileSender, for personal data you can encrypt your data. Never use commercial services such as WeTransfer.

Interview data

  • Atlas TI is the software provided through the university software center.
  • NVIVO is a powerful alternative, but it is expensive. Account for this in your project budget.


  • Amberscript, charged per hour. Account for this in your project budget.


  • DeepL, available on request through the Information manager, account for this in your project budget (costs can go up to €60/month, although various options are available).

Storage and sharing inside the University

  • Smaller datasets can be stored on the faculty network, this is also the safest:
    • Local P:\ drive for personal data, but not for sharing
    • J:\ Workgroups: for sharing data with a restricted group, also for personal data.
  • Larger datasets:
    • J:\ Research Data with the additional cost charged on the research project (not suitable for personal data).
  • Alternative:
    • Sharepoint/Microsoft Teams (not suitable for personal data).

Sharing outside the University

  • Surf Research Drive. Available on request through researchsupport@arch.leidenuniv.nl.
  • The easiest option is probably synching your local drive with a Surfdrive. You can share folders with arbitrary users and synchronize your harddrive. But it is not a full collaboration environment. Not for personal data.
  • Never use generic cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive!
  • OneDrive. Provided by the University (not suitable for personal data such as interviews).
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