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Version Management

Determine how you keep track of the final version and intermediate versions.

Having a good overview of the versions of the various files in your dataset will greatly improve the speed in the archiving phase:

  • If possible, use tools with proper version management included.
  • Incorporate versions in your file naming convention and methodically main those (for instance: v1, v2. v3).
  • Think of a strategy to correct the proliferation of files.
  • Decide how to handle files that are (temporarily) located elsewhere (home, fieldwork).
  • What is the procedure to make sure changes are incorporated in the current version? How to prevent multiple versions from deviating?
  • If you work on data collectively, make sure to make agreements on who maintains the primary version of a file, and where it is located.
  • Determine who is responsible for the final archiving of the shared piece of data, so that it is not archived for various projects (possibly in multiple versions).
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