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Copying and printing

You can copy and print within the whole University using ‘multifunctionals’. In some locations, you need to have a LU-Card for this. Perhaps you want to know how to add a printer? Or print securely? With or without a LU-Card? Several user manuals are given below. For large printing or copying jobs, you can also use Leiden University’s three Copy & Printshops.

User manuals for printers

Would you like to configure or select a printer? Or know how to print securely? The following manuals will tell you more about using the University’s printers / copiers:

General Copying
Copying a book
Scan to email
With LU-Card Copy, scan and print
Add a printer (Dutch only)
Without LU-Card Secure printing (Dutch only)
Add and remove a printer

Printing and copying with LU-Card

In several faculties, you need a LU-Card to do copying or printing. If you don’t have one yet, you should first apply for an LU-Card. Your LU-Card is linked to a SAP number, which gives you a credit of € 100 on the card. Each week your balance will be topped up again to € 100. If you don’t have enough credit, please notify the Printshop or use the notification form.

Problems with printing or copying with the LU-Card?

Notification form

Copy & Printshop

There are three Copy & Printshops, open on work days from 8.30 to 17.00, where you can go for all your printing, copying, desktop publishing and full colour printed materials.

Pieter de la Court

Wassenaarseweg 52 (1st floor)
Tel: +31 71 527 3614


Cleveringaplaats 1, ground floor
Tel: +31 71 527 2330

Kamerlingh Onnes

Steenschuur 25, ground floor
Tel: +31 71 527 7823

Willem Einthoven (Central Repro)

Tel: +31 71 527 3208

During the hours that the Copy & Printshop is closed, you can contact the Central Repro with your questions and print orders

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