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Counselling and advice for workplace issues

It is important to us that you can work in a safe and positive environment. But we know that problems can sometimes arise. If you have concerns, try not to wait too long before asking for help.

If possible, first discuss your concerns with your manager, but if you’d rather speak with someone else, you can contact one of the people or services below. Anything you say to the confidential counsellor or university doctor will be strictly confidential, and they will never take action without your consent.

If you are unsure whom to contact with your problem or question, or if you just want to find out what your options are, you can now contact the Workplace Issues Helpline (anonymously if you wish) by calling 071-527 3128.

If you are unsure whom to contact with a problem or question, or if you just want to find out what your options are, the Workplace Issues Helpline is a confidential (and anonymous if you wish) way to contact a confidential counsellor.

As a member of staff you can also contact a confidential counsellor directly. The helpline offer additional options such as:

  • offering information about reporting issues and the associated procedures. A confidential counsellor will contact you to answer your question.
  • the helpline is staffed by a confidential counsellor who is bound by the rules on confidentiality and privacy.

Tel. 071-527 3128. 

If you are ill or are trying to prevent symptoms, first try to discuss this with your manager. If you can’t find a solution, make an appointment with your HRM adviser or the university doctor. The university doctor will advise both you and your manager. You and your manager will decide whether to heed this advice.

We do not expect our staff to tolerate behaviour that we consider to be unacceptable such as bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination and violance. If you have experienced or witnessed such behaviour, it can be very hard to talk about it. However, it is important to report this to the confidential counsellor for unacceptable behaviour.

You may experience problems as an employee of the university. Perhaps you feel that you never meet your manager’s expectations or that decisions have been made that you feel uncomfortable with. If you have concerns, try to raise them as soon as possible with the confidential counsellor for personnel affairs.

Academic integrity is essential to academia. If academic integrity is violated, this jeopordises not only the quality but also the reliability of academia. You can contact the confidential counsellor for academic integrity with any questions or situations relating to academic integrity, or if you have suspicions about a current or former employee of Leiden University.

If you experience problems during your PhD and are unable to solve these, you can contact the confidential counsellor for PhD candidates from your graduate school. Alternatively, you can also approach a confidential counsellor from another Graduate School.

If you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, it’s important to report this to the confidential counsellor or malpractice. If you suspect wrongdoing, you can feel safe about reporting it. Anything you say to the confidential counsellor will remain strictly confidential. Every step that the confidential counsellor takes in consultation with you requires your explicit consent. You will always have the last word and will ultimately make the decision about whether to present the case to the Committee on Whistleblowing.

Do you suspect a violation of academic integrity? Are you experiencing unacceptable behaviour? Do you disagree with a decision or are you unable to find a solution with your confidential counsellor? The university has several committees for complaints, appeals and objections.

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